SP004 Data Surge Protection Device Terminal Connector

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UTP Data Surge protection Device Terminal Connector

  • Terminal connector to terminal connector
  • Perfect for video or data signal protection

UTP Video Surge Protector Terminal Connector
Application for protects equipment from high voltage surges such as lightning strikes. UL grounding requirements for coaxial cable offer protection from hazardous voltages that may occur on the shielding. Because of the physical length of ground wires, UL grounding systems may appear as an open circuit to lightning-caused, high-frequency surges and provide no protection from these surges getting into a home and destroying CATV converters, TV sets, VCR, Camera, etc.


Surge Protection Attack Time 1 ns
Maximum Surge Voltage 4 VK
Surge Life 300 surges of 100Amps
Normal Resistance Across Coax 10,000 MΩ
Surge Resistance Approx. 0Ω
Power Passing Capability 130V AC / DC, 65 Vrms at10 Amps
Insertion Loss Less than 0.2 dB
Return Loss (75 ohms) 16dB
Power IN Put – for SP001VPD AC 40V(MAX),  DC56V(MAX)
Connectors Terminal
Dimensions     W x H x D mm 65x25x25
WEIGHT                 g 65

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