VE01P VGA Extender

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VE01P VGA Extender

The VGA Extender allows VGA video signals to be transmitted up to 135 meters via 4-Paris CAT5 STP or UTP cable. Used in pairs, the VGA Extender is used in the home or commercial applications as a smart, fast, and cost-effective, eliminates costly and bulky VGA cable, allowing VGA monitors to be connected extended distances from the PC via standard twisted pair cable. Ideal for classroom video distribution, lecture halls, retail kiosks, video information displays, overhead projector systems, PC-training systems, and tradeshows PC demo systems.



Max. Distance via CAT 5 Cable
640x480 pixels (15MHz) 135M
800x600 pixels (30MHz) 105M
1024x768 pixels (60MHz) 75M
1280x1024 pixels (100MHz) 60M

Devices DVR, PCs, Laptops VGA Monitors, Projectors
Input Signals Video: 1 Vp-p
Horizontal & Vertical SYNC : TTL standard. 300kHz max. bandwidth
Insertion Loss Less than 3dB per pair over the frequency range
Video Signal Return Loss -15dB max from DC to 60Mhz
RJ45 Pin Configuration: EIA 568B Wiring standard R video (Red): Pin 1 (+),      Pin 2 (-) Balanced G video (Green): Pin 4 (+),    Pin 5 (-) Balanced        B video (Blue): Pin 7 (+),     Pin 8 (-) Balanced Horizontal Sync: Pin 3,        Vertical Sync: Pin 6
Impedance Input : RGB 75 ohms (DB15 HD) Unbalanced Input : RGB 100 ohms (RJ45 shielded) Balanced
Output : RGB 100 ohms (RJ45 shielded) Balanced Output : RGB 75 ohms (DB15 HD) Unbalanced
Horizontal and vertical sync : TTL standard
Setting Switch 2 Stage Slide Switch 5 Stage Dip Switch
Transmission Distance 60 -135 meters depend on image resolution
Link Cable CAT5 / CAT5e / CAT6 / STP or UTP Cable
Temperature Operation: 0 to 55 C, Storage: -20 TO 85 c, Humidity: up to 95%
Dimensions     W x H x D mm 110x77x26

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