TTA111HD Active Balun

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TTA111HD Active Balun


Active Balun for video for HD CCTV cameras: HD-TVI up to 500m / 1500m, AHD / HD-CVI up to 600m / 1800M @ 720p

  • Set includes transmitter and receiver units with power supply for each.
  • Transmit HD-TVI video signal up to 500 meters / 1500 feet @ 720p and AHD and HD-CVI video signal up to 600 meters / 1950 feet @ 720p.
  • Support resolution up to 1080p: HD-TVI up to 300 meters / 900 feet, AHD / HD-CVI: up to 400 meters / 1200 feet.
  • Transmitter unit with built-in high-frequency L, M, Y video H-receiver. unit with integrated medium, high frequency, and brightness adjustment.
  • Both receiver and transmitter units with integrated Transient Protection and ground lifting to eliminate damage Voltage Spike problems.


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