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FS-290 Home Security System

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Home Security System With TouchPad And Lcd

The FS290 is an HI-Performance security console that is for Homes & Businesses with multi-division rooms marketing. The system is full of wireless data communication between wireless sensors and wireless external siren. Two partitions separate to Arm/Disarm control for main house and office or garage house both area protect function.

It also a PSTN/GSM both of the system hand-free phone set for talking and can combine external normal phone set for call-in/out talking function. The GSM module is for a 2G system of Tri-Band 900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS system. It is approved by R&TTE and GCF.

The software can via RS232 COM port boot load function for upgrade new software functions.


  • Two partitions Home/Away and Disarm mode & trigger alarm by remote control and sensors
  • Two partitions with total 12 alarm zone on 80pcs wireless sensor accessories
  • Total environmental protection, intrusion, Smoke/Fire/Gas/ and Sudden Medical Emergencies
  • Pre-set save 2 phone numbers for alarm call-out send digital data, CONTACT ID. etc
  • Pre-set save 4 phone numbers for alarm call-out play corresponding Voice messages
  • Pre-set save 10-speed dialer phone numbers for user call-out talkin function
  • Pre-set save 3 phone numbers for alarm GSM call-out send alarm event SMS
  • The alarm SMS with alarm event, sensor number/name, and user name address data
  • Low battery supervision on console and on each individual sensor
  • EEPROM safely stores 40seconds 4 kinds of different Emergency voice messages by user
  • Can command strategically deployed FS146S/FS148S wireless external siren
  • Built-in output terminal for connection to any external siren/strobe and NC/NO switch
  • Built-in 2wire zone input terminal NC/NO type for external wire sensors
  • Built-in rechargeable back-up battery, Tamper Switch, and Power Failure Detector function
  • Remote hands-free speakerphone, 2-way voice communication. After the connection of emergency call, the called party can listen-in or talk with
  • Backup line function, in case of disconnects the PSTN
  • Progress tone detector on dialer tone, ring back tone and busy
  • Real Door/Window Open/Closed monitoring warns users of any open access points prior to Arming
  • The LCD is with blue color backlight 10 seconds delay auto OFF
  • Built-in 16 x 2 digits LCD display for working mode, alarm event, and setup manual data
  • Can combine with phone set, security console or IP voice route transfer to GSM call-out
  • A touchpad to call-in/out PSTM or GSM hand-free talking function
  • External phone set call-in/out GSM talking function
  • Call-in send SMS to setup function and request to reply SMS of working mode and alarm event
  • It call-in by PSTN or GSM DTMF code to setup working mode or all program function
  • With 5 channel control turn on/off by wireless control FS172 AC power switch


Power Source 12-16V DC 1A by AC power cord
Working Current 450mA (Max)
Stand-by Current 100mA (Max)
Working frequency 869.25MHz
Back-up Battery 9.6V/1.5Ahr rechargeable
Battery Back uptime 8HRS (Min)
Working temperature range -10 deg C to 60 deg C
Dimensions 290L x 180W x 70H (mm)
Weight 1650g
Package Dimension: 320L x 230W x 75H (mm) Weight: 2.1kg

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