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FS-118 Wireless Sensor Transceiver

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FS118 Wireless Sensor Transceiver

The FS118 Wireless Sensor Transceiver is a wireless sensor and wire console interface with NC or NO output that can be connected to any brand wire security control panel.

Companies choose the FS118 because it saves them time & money during installation, which has superior features that can receive Fronti all wireless accessories and also can be connected to any brand control panel. Therefore, it is a very powerful interface system

It can receive fronti wireless sensor that builds in Markets & Applications 2 channel alarm zone and Panic, Low battery, The transceiver module also can alarm input to send a code for trig Fornti Wireless siren. Fire and Armed/Disarmed function.


  • Any brand wire console and Fronti wireless sensor interface device
  • Operating mode: Away armed and Disarmed
  • Totally can be registered 40pcs wireless sensors accessories
  • Eight LED indicators for Armed/ Disarmed, 2channel, Low battery sensor tamper switch, alarm input, alarm output, and TX
  • Built-in two-channel sensors ID code registers that each channel 20pcs and is also with 2 NC output to the security console
  • It can command strategically deployed Fronti Wireless external Siren working mode or alarm mode
  • Built-in NC output for 2 channel normal alarm zones for any brand main console
  • Built-in NC Panic, Fire, sensor low battery and armed/disarmed output for triggered console


Power Source DC 9-16V by Console or AC adapter
Stand-by Current 15mA (Max)
Working Current 35mA (Max)
Broadcast Range 150M in a free space
Working temperature range -10 deg C to 60 deg C
Dimensions L 145 x 60 W x 25H mm
Weight 250g

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