FGWPE-102 Wall Plug Type E


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Fibaro Wall Plug E FGWPE-102 - 2500W smart plug Z-Wave

Fibaro Wall Plug is a wireless module that enables you to turn on electrical appliances and measure the energy consumption via the Z-Wave network. The Built-in LED ring informs about the energy consumption with the corresponding color. The maximum load of 2500W.

To use the device, simply plug it into the socket and then connect any device. In addition to the ability to remotely turn the device on, we can measure the energy consumption and the Wall Plug will notify us with the LED ring, which has a range of six colors.

Plug & Play

It requires no installation. You just need to plug it into a wall socket and connect any device. The Fibaro system allows you to easily add new modules to the home automation system.

Energy consumption

When connected to the Fibaro system, the device allows you to collect a history of current consumption making it easier to manage and gives the possibility of savings through effective management of turning the devices on and off.

Reporting errors

The Fibaro Wall Plug will protect against overvoltage and the lack of power supply. It can notify you when the connected device is not working properly.


Modern design and compact size make the device seamlessly blend into any interior.

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